Update: Google just confirmed the Chromecast 2 -“There will be a 2nd version of Chromecast in the future.”- in cause of much information which leaked through the FCC document you can see here.

14 months ago, in the US the first Chromecast Live HD streaming HDMI stick was launched. With it it was possible to stream on a tv through WiFi with your Chromebook or with an android device, for example through the YouTube app or the Chrome browser. It lacked though in the compatibility because only very few android devices were supported. Also, it didn’t supported all video formats, so not every video or movie could be mirrored on your tv. The ability of navigating the stick with the tv remote didn’t worked well and the tv buttons were also not supported which was a huge drawback too. In addition, some of the streaming apps were very unstable and buggy, which also can be said about parts of the software of the Chromecast itself. But now, the blog “Zatz not funny” found a document at the FCC which tells that Google has been working on a new Chromecast version for a long time. Google issued a confidentiality request though, so they couldn’t tell exactly what will be optimized or added to the new version. FCC Document

So a few weeks ago some Members of the Dev-Team from Chromecast started a reddit post and asked the fans and owners of the Chromecast, which features are missing and which hardware upgrades should come with the next version. So when you have questions, you want to ask them put your comment on their post here.

We’re always working to update Chromecast with the the latest software and hardware components, but we don’t have any new user-facing features planned for this device. – Jacky Hayward

No plans for big announcement on this one. Mostly because it will have the same features as the original and most users won’t notice a difference. Sorry–I can’t say more about this topic. – Jacky Hayward

This and more comments the Chromecast-Team Members wrote as comment below the questions from their fans, to avoid speaking about a release or updates within the next months. But they are speaking with reddit users about all kinds of possible features and told them, they would check out the possability of their ideas and give them to the Dev-Teams. Some ideas of them were for example:

  • Streaming without WiFi conecction
  • PIN protecting for the Chromecast Log-in
  • Direct Streaming from the Device
  • Full HDMI-CEC support
  • More supported video and audio codecs
  • Integrated Google Now
  • Audio direct over Device and not the TV

These were just a few of their ideas and thoughts about software and hardware features, but they are much more so look at reddit and ask your own questions, when you didn’t found yours.

But because Google claimed the right to keep the information on the product secret for 180 days after the grant of the request, we can hope for a new Chromecast in the next half year. Maybe Google even wants to put it out before Christmas, so hope everybody. What do you think, will Google release their Chromecast 2.0 this year? Tell us what you think about that in the comments please.

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